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It is usual that most families after a diagnosis of dementia, will continue to look after the person at home, or wish for them to remain in their own home for as long as possible. Sadly this can place a huge strain on family life as the needs of the person are likely to become more involved and complicated over time.

Residential care offers 24 hour support, 52 weeks a year in a safe and homely environment. Residents have their own space to call their own and are encouraged to socialise and take part in activities which promote health and well-being. Families are welcome to visit at any time and are encouraged to read and participate in the person’s care plan (particularly where the person lacks capacity to make key decisions about their life).

Relatives often go through a range of emotions prior to their family member coming to stay with us, but soon realise the benefits of residential care, which allows them to carry on with their life, whilst still enjoying quality time with their loved ones.

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Alternatively you can contact the Home Manager on 01457 865989 to arrange a visit or if you are short of time, just drop in when you are passing and we will always try and accommodate your visit.

It is important that we make sure that we can meet the person’s needs before making an offer for a residential placement. We have a detailed assessment questionnaire which looks at:
❖ Health needs, current medication and allergies
❖ What is important to the person
❖ Likes / dislikes
❖ Communication, Mobility, Nutrition, Tissue Viability, Behaviour, Continence and much more

We like to involve the person being assessed and the family. If you have a care manager involved for funding, they will have completed their own assessment, which they will share with the home on request. If a place is offered, then we would ask the person and/or family member to complete a “This Is Me”. Booklet, Spiritual Assessment and if relevant End of Life wishes. This helps to inform the care planning process

We like to make sure residents are comfortable and encourage families to personalise bedrooms wherever possible. We provide the bed, wardrobe, bedside table and drawers, side lamp and in flat screen television. Windows have curtains or blinds already fitted and we provide bedding and towels.

We compile a belongings sheet on the first day of admission, which we keep in your care file.

Clothing – day and night wear, slippers, shoes, any reading or hearing aids, books, photographs, pictures, toiletries will be supplied by yourself. Please note that the homes look after many people and if clothing can be tagged in any way, it is much easier to return to the correct person after the laundering process.

Electrical items such as a radio, or kettle (subject to risk assessment) are fine to bring in, we will PAT test them to ensure safety.

We ask that jewellery items are kept to a minimum, although we do have secure lockable area for safe keeping.

Some residents like to keep a small amount of change with them, most families pay funds into the personal spends weekly or monthly for sundry items such as hairdressing, chiropody or aromatherapy. We also have a mobile tuck shop for snacks cold drinks and a stock cupboard of daily essentials such as toiletries, socks, combs etc.

Families are welcome any time and we aim to make each visit an enjoyable one with complimentary tea / coffee.

The Home Manager is resident between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and has an open door policy. Alternatively you may book an appointment with the manager by phone or in person should that be easier for you.

You are welcome to telephone the home at any time day or night as we have 24 hour staffing. Please note the busiest times are between 8am and 10am, 1230pm – 130pm, 430pm – 530pm and 8pm to 9pm, but we will always aim to deal with any questions during those times. We try to keep meal times relaxed and unhurried so people can eat their meals without distractions

We would always keep family members informed of any changes to health of their loved ones, or should any accidents occur. Between the hours of 8am to 5pm, the person’s usual GP would visit the Home if needed, with an out of hours service GoToDoc available throughout the evening, weekends and night time.

Should the person need to attend a hospital due to ill health or for a check-up, we would ask the family member to accompany their loved one if possible. During the day, the Home may be able to send a staff escort for routine appointments, but between the hours of 8pm and 8am, the staffing is reduced and therefore ordinarily, the resident would transfer to hospital in the care of the paramedics (with all relevant information send with them).

Following a prolonged hospital stay, the Home would reassess the person’s fitness and health needs before accepting them back to the Home.

Not only are likes and dislikes respected for meal choices but our Chef is experienced and trained to provide the correct dietary needs for each person. Some people may require soft options or fortified meals, all of which is catered for. Other people may have to watch their salt or sugar intake.

All food and drink items purchased by the Home are screened for allergens. More information about the 14 allergens is available from the chef or Home Manager.